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Lubricant Compatibility

Course Description The saying “oil is oil!” no longer applies in our world of vast lubricant options! Understanding lubricant compatibility is key when switching to a new lubricant or simply topping off. This course will teach you the risks of mixing lubricants, help you understand why lubricants are not always compatible, and will cover how …

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Water Contamination

Course Description Water contamination can cause damage to your equipment and is detrimental to your oil. It is important to not overlook it in favor of particle contamination! Just one percent of water in your oil can reduce the life expectancy of a journal bearing by as much as 90 percent. This course will cover …

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Additive Basics

Course Description When you receive your TestOil Analysis report, the report results will contain levels for specific metals, additives, and contaminants that are present in your fluid. But what are additives and why are they in your lubricant? This course will act as a fundamental base that will help you understand the additives that are …

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